What would you like to know about your grandparents? What would you like your grandchildren to know about you?

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How many of us really know our deceased grandparents or even our deceased parents?  Do we know what they really stood for, their key life stories, lessons or values?

How many of us have loved ones pass away only to later wish we had asked them some provocative questions – question that would have helped us know them better and appreciate what they went through?  What could we have learned?

The problem is that family dynamics are a barrier to this level of communication.  Who asks their parents and grandparents these questions of an intensely personal nature and how many parents want to reveal themselves to their children, warts and all?

A facilitator can help make this communication possible.  One such facilitator can actually be the family’s financial advisor.

We are developing a workshop to make this possible.  In the meantime, one place to communicate this kind of information to your children and grandchildren is our book BEFORE I GO.

You may know someone who is dealing with this same issue. If you think it will  help, feel free to forward this email, and let me know if you have questions  about a specific situation

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