What does "full service" mean?

This week we had another opportunity to provide a client with service that goes beyond managing money.  We have clients living in Florida with a relative in Virginia who lives alone.  The Virginia resident fell and broke his hip, making it impossible to maintain the yard around his house.  Our Florida client told us about this situation and expressed frustration that they were not able to contact someone to mow the yard.

We were able to get a lawn service to the home the same day.

I tell the story not to blow our own horn.  Many top notch RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) provide special services for their clients.  Shopping for cars, finding just the right retirement home for their clients, reviewing their health care plans, arranging for a cruise … or a private jet.

Investors today expect more from their advisors than the occasional phone call recommending a stock or bond.  They are looking for comprehensive investment management that meets their individual needs and plans to help them achieve their goals.  They also want help with special requests that a knowledgeable advisor can provide.

The RIA world is growing rapidly because independent advisors are much more flexible in the services they provide. After all, they work directly for their clients while brokers who work for large investment houses get their paychecks from their firms.

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