We all have to go sometime, it’s better to do it by the book

That’s the headline of an article in the Virginian Pilot by Linda Lamm English about Before I Go

   Are you ready to go? You need to fill out Arie Korving’s workbook before you do. He did it for his wife Mary, and wants you to do it for your family.
   Arie owns Korving & Company, a registered investment firm. He lives with Mary in Point Elizabeth, and calls her “a very capable woman.” But he knows that if he dies first, she’ll need help managing things he usually takes care of. So he wrote a guideline for her.
   Arie gives copies of Mary’s guideline to his clients “at no cost … as a vital service.” 
   He was urged to make it available   to others, and the guideline is now a workbook accompanied by a manual and on sale to the public. 
   I have read both parts of “Before I Go … Preparing Your Affairs for Your Heirs.” You should read them, too. You should especially fill out that workbook. 
   “The workbook is essential if people want to leave a record,” Arie said. The workbook leaves funeral instructions, a final message to the family, and even lists the people you should notify. Trust me, you won’t be thinking clearly when the time comes, and that will be very helpful. 
  Buy the book
     Buy the manual and workbook online or at Korving & Company, 1510 Breezeport Way. Call Arie at 757-638-5490.  

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