Viewing “Generation Now”

Chapter 3

Schwab funded a research study to find out what the next generation – “Generation Now” – believes and how it views the world. They wanted to understand how they view their future, determine their fears, attitudes and behaviors.

“Generation Now” is 30 – 45 years old. They have graduated from college, have a career and are making good money. But as they reached adulthood, the events they grew up with shaped them and their attitudes.

Preparing for the unknown

Many of this generation want to protect themselves and their families against the next economic downturn. For “Generation Now” Investors, these fear-based motivations are often more motivating and top–of-mind than idealized, optimistic visions of retirement and financial goals.

For shorter term, I guess my criteria are having money easily accessible and having little to no risk, because I kind of treat that as an emergency fund, like if something catastrophic were to happen, or if I were to lose my job or have a big injury or something, that I could get to that money

This is the third of 12 posts examining Generation Now.

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