Thoughts From Around the Investment World – 2

We thought that our readers would be interested in reading the thoughts of some of the leading money management companies. We get information from these companies on a regular basis, and wanted to start passing some of it along. Today we look at the view from the money management shop Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sees 11% Upside in S&P 500 After an `Emotional’ Selloff

The plunge in U.S. stock markets are an “emotional response” obscuring expansion in both the American economy and corporate profits, said Abby Joseph Cohen, president of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Global Markets Institute.
“The underlying performance of the U.S. economy is actually quite good ” Cohen said. “We see economic growth, we see the economy continuing to expand. We also see corporate profit continuing to grow.”

We’ll bring you more commentary from major investment firms on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us with your own questions.

Note: We are passing this information along for educational purposes only; it is not an endorsement of the profiled company or their views.

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