The five stages of grief

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the late and eminent Swiss psychiatrist authored “On Death and Dying,” which was written to help women facing new lives as widows.The five stages are:

  • Denial: it can’t be true.
  • Anger: why did you leave me?
  • Bargaining: a reaction to a feeling of helplessness … making a deal with God.
  • Depression: associated with mourning. A feeling of sadness and regret.
  • Acceptance: marked by withdrawal and calm.

As long as there is life, there is hope. As long as there is hope, there is life.
We found that money worries were one of the major issues that kept people up at night.  This is especially true of those who lost a spouse. We were unable to find a book that would help people prepare for this, so we wrote our own book “BEFORE I GO” and an accompanying workbook. Designed to help couples prepare, we have gotten great response. For an autographed copy, contact us.

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