Survey says: do-it-yourselfers prefer guidance.

A J.D.Powers survey of self-directed investors asked them to rank their investment platform in order of preference. Schwab took the top spot and Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo vie for the bottom spots.
What I found most interesting is that about one-third of all self-directed investors would prefer guidance.

Meanwhile, at least a third of independent investors polled in the survey would prefer some sort of guidance, such as additional financial planning tools or access to a live FA, and those who feel that they received that guidance are overwhelmingly happier with their broker and feel more knowledgeable about the value of the service they get.

So if investors want guidance and are happier when they get it, why don’t they seek it out? We’re not sure of the answer. But if you happen to be one of the people seeking guidance and want to see if we’re the ones for you, please let us know.


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