Retirement Meets Reality

A recent article about retirement in Financial Advisor magazine started some thoughts running through my head.  How do you view yourself in retirement?  Taking long walks on the beach?  Playing with the grandchildren?  Taking those vacations you were too busy to take before?  There’s one part of that mental image that’s probably wrong with most of those dreams.  Unless you’re very lucky, in retirement you’ll be old (or older).  And that means that those long walks on the beach, the games with grandchildren and those long trips may be much harder … or impossible … because of physical problems.

Try taking long walks on the beach with a cane or a walker.  Playing ball with the grandkids will tire you out long before it tires them out.  There’s a reason you find the cruise ships loaded with older passengers, it’s a lot easier for them to travel that way.

There’s no cure for age.  Money won’t make it slow down.  Do yourself a favor and don’t delay the adventures of a lifetime until you’re too old to enjoy them.

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