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The Suffolk New-Herald has a nice article on our books: Before I Go and Before I Go Workbook.
Suffolk New-Herald

During a quarter-century in the financial planning industry, one thing Arie Korving has noticed is that clients age at about the same rate that he does.

“As time went on, I have gotten older and clients have gotten older,” he said Tuesday in the boardroom of his North Suffolk-based firm Korving & Co., where he and son Stephen Korving offer advice on investment strategies, asset management and financial planning.

“As a result, I had the opportunity to basically work with them in the area of estate planning, taking care of them when someone in the family died.”

Arie Korving has written a book and accompanying workbook: “Before I Go: Preparing Your Affairs For Your Heirs.”

It’s basically a distillation of his experience helping clients financially plan for the day when they are no longer around. Information is gleaned from experience that also included a stint with UBS.

Chapters in Korving’s book deal with health care decisions during a “final illness,” planning for a funeral, financial accounting, financial management, balancing income and expenses, and reviewing plans annually.

The accompanying workbook allows one to create a record of their plans for surviving family.

“What this book is really designed to do is give people an opportunity to do that pre-planning — put down on paper … what the income is going to be, what are the expenses of running a household, (and) where are all the family’s investments,” Korving said.

“Those are the kinds of things wills and trusts really don’t go into.”

Both books are listed at $14.95, but prices vary on and from Barnes and Noble. They are also available from Korving’s office, Suite 800, 1510 Breezeport Way.

Call 638-5490 for more information.

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