Investment Strategy

The investment strategy we recommend varies from client to client, depending on your unique situation, needs, and goals.  

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ professionals, we have a strongly rooted process for creating investment recommendations.

First, we first take time to get to know you as both an individual and as an investor.  Next, we help you determine and articulate your big-picture financial goals and objectives.  Then we begin crunching the numbers, attaching dollar amounts and target dates to your goals.  

Using your current assets and expected future savings, we create a plan for you.  Before going any further, we discuss with you how all of those different pieces fit together to achieve your goals to make sure we all agree.

The recommendations we make are based on our unique investment philosophy and approach.

Once we’ve come up with an agreeable plan, we put the pieces in motion.  We constantly monitor your investments and hold regular reviews with you to make sure that your investments remain appropriate throughout changing market conditions and your evolving personal needs.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on preserving our clients’ wealth while identifying investment opportunities for them that possess attractive return potential relative to their underlying risk. 

We are a dynamic manager and adjust our asset allocation, risk profile and manager selection as market conditions change. 

Client portfolios are typically broadly diversified among many different asset classes and undergo a diligent manager selection process.  We primarily use many different no-load or load-waived mutual funds to create our portfolios, paying careful attention to cost control.

Many of our clients also seek protection from high and growing tax rates.  We create and manage high quality tax-free municipal bond portfolios that are designed to preserve capital, provide tax-free income and minimize risk.

Investment Approach

Client Centered

Our investment approach is centered around each client.  We know that every individual has their own specific financial needs, goals and objectives.  We use all of the tools at our disposal to create a plan that will give each client of ours the greatest chance of achieving their definition of success. 

Risk Control

“The first rule of investing is don’t lose money.  The second rule is don’t forget rule number one.” 
– Warren Buffett

The best way to preserve and grow wealth is to avoid major losses.  While we don’t guarantee that our portfolios won’t have periods where they are down, we do spend a lot of time designing our clients’ portfolios so that when the markets dip, their portfolios won’t be down as much.  

We create portfolios to meet your needs, not to “beat the market” or an arbitrary index.  In fact, creating a sound retirement portfolio has very little to do with beating the market.  It has everything to do with creating a disciplined, well thought out approach to achieving your personal needs, goals and financial objectives.  Our intense focus on risk control is at the very foundation of the way we manage investments.

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