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Piracy risk

Most of us are aware of the risks we take every day, but we ran across an interesting article recently that involved a ...
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The View on Brexit

Britains will soon be voting on whether to stay in the EU (the European Union) or leave.   Polls are divided on exiting the ...
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Before the Bell: 3/3/2016 (Wednesday’s Close)

Markets at a Glance Major Stock Indexes 9:27 AM EST 3/3/2016 Last Change % CHG DJIA 16899.32 34.24 0.20% Nasdaq 4703.42 13.83 0.29% ...
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A quick market roundup – January 25, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

The U.S. eastern seaboard is still digging out from a weekend blizzard that knocked out power for several hundred thousand customers, grounded more ...
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A quick market roundup – January 22, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

January 2016 has been challenging for investors. The DJIA had been down about 8% year-to-date. But even as we post this there is ...
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Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2016

One of the most common questions we get from clients throughout the year has to do with retirement plan contribution limits.  We put ...
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Oh No They Didn't!

The big financial news of the moment is that the Fed decided not to raise interest rates, though 13 of 17 Federal Reserve ...
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"The Yuan is Falling! The Yuan is Falling!" – Chinese Chicken Littles

The financial trauma of 2008 was so great that many investors still can’t get over it.  The U.S. stock market has more than ...
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New Scam Tricks Advisors Into Giving Up Clients’ Money

Financial fraud has always been a problem, but the Internet has enabled entirely new ways of stealing money. We recently received an alert ...
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On Greece & Recent Market Volatility

We've heard from a number of clients and friends recently, asking us about Greece and the recent market volatility.  Here is our succinct ...
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The “Thundering Herd” is shrinking

The “wirehouses” (the industry term for major investment firms like Merrill Lynch known as the "Thundering Herd") are continuing to lose brokers. There ...
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The Oil Price War

The talk on the Street is that there is an oil price war sparked by Saudi Arabia.  The surge in oil and gas ...
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Washington Congratulates Itself

Via the Wall Street Journal Capped off by a $2 billion surplus in December, the government ended the calendar year with a deficit ...
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Overview 2014

We end the year 2014 with the US markets near a record high. The rest of the “developed” world, less the US, is ...
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General Electric (GE) dividend increase disappoints

General Electric announced a 4 cent increase in its annual dividend, from $0.88 ($0.22/per quarter) to $0.92 ($0.23/quarter). The x-dividend date is December ...
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Who Will Serve the Underserved? The Big Brokers Don’t Want Clients With Less Than A Quarter Million $$$

It’s been a trend at the big brokerage firms since 2008: the focus on the on the multi-millionaire and billionaire client. At Merrill ...
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6 things the middle class can't afford anymore

A recent article in USA Today discussed the “middle class” and the ways it has been pinched financially. The middle class was defined ...
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NEW! IRS Retirement Plan Contributions Limits For 2015

The IRS just this week released the retirement plan contribution limits for 2015.  Here's a chart we put together that shows what the ...
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Merrill Lynch Jacking Up Fees

We read of a broker at Merrill Lynch who left the firm because, and we quote: “Under Merrill Lynch One, fees were going ...
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GE Earnings

Many of our clients are either GE employees, GE retirees or have some other relation to GE.  For that reason - and because ...
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Bond yields worldwide under 1{030251e622a83165372097b752b1e1477acc3e16319689a4bdeb1497eb0fac93}

Bank of America said that 45{030251e622a83165372097b752b1e1477acc3e16319689a4bdeb1497eb0fac93} of all government bonds worldwide yield less than 1{030251e622a83165372097b752b1e1477acc3e16319689a4bdeb1497eb0fac93}. Central bankers from around the world meet today ...
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Mr. Market gets nervous

For a while it seemed that Mr. Market didn’t read the newspapers. Turmoil in Europe, real war in the Middle East, Central America ...
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What do you do when the market drops 300 points?

Yesterday scared a lot of people.  And when the July brokerage statements arrive, many people will not want to open them.  It’s not been ...
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Warren Buffett and You.

An interesting, and instructive, article in Investment Advisor magazine made some great points about the Buffett legend.  Like most legends, it’s part truth ...
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New Website for Korving & Company

Hello! I’m excited to announce our newly redesigned website with lots of new features designed with our clients in mind. The address has ...
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