Multi-Generational Wealth Management

The investment industry is concerned with attracting the next generation. As clients age, the issue of who will manage the estate after they pass must be addressed. At Korving & Company we have been fortunate.

First, we have a long-standing and personal relationship with our clients. We know them as individuals, not as numbers on an investment account. That means that when the children come to see us, they usually tell us how much their parents trust us and usually ask us to manage their assets.

Second, we provide great service. Of course everyone claims to provide great service, but we actually deliver it.  We are Certified Financial Planners.  We go beyond managing people’s portfolios to helping and advising them on life’s issues. We have helped people move into retirement homes, buy cars; we help them with social security questions and insurance issues. We help them manage their taxes.  The next generation appreciates the fact that we provide more services than the typical investment advisor.

Third, we manage money with the primary goal of preventing loss. We provide our clients with a fair rate of return on their money. Many younger people have experienced dramatic losses over the last two decades, which include several financial panics. They appreciate being able to invest for the long term without fear.

Finally, the founding principals of Korving & Company are a multi-generational team. We understand the issues of the aging as well as the concerns of the younger generation …. because that’s who we are.

We have even written a book on the subject, BEFORE I GO. For a free look, click on the link.

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