Marriage and Finances

It is said that the number one reason for couples breaking up is financial.   Here’s how one writer puts it:

Managing your finances is a chore. Like all the chores that couples need to complete (everything from cutting the grass and taking out the trash to washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom), the division of labor is rarely 50/50. When it comes to money, one spouse may be more interested in managing it while the other is interested in spending. Sometimes, one spouse won’t even talk or think about the topic.

That has been my experience.  During courtship, a young woman may be pleased and flattered by her suitor spending money freely on gifts, meals or travel.  But if they marry it may turn out that he is deeply in debt.  At that point, the problems come to the surface and often lead to fights.

Marriage counseling may be one way of bringing the couple back together,  but financial counselling may be another.   Investment advisors wear all sorts of hats.  Don’t be afraid to confide in your investment advisor as you would a doctor.  He is often a financial Doctor-Fix-It.


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