Hiring a Financial Advisor: Clues from the Receptionist

At “Average Joe’s” blog there was an interesting set of things that people should look for when interviewing a financial advisor.  The first point he made was that interviewing a someone to help you manage your money could be nerve-wracking.   So the atmosphere should be calming.

If you’ve ever met with a financial professional, you know how nerve-wracking that first meeting can be. First, you’re unsure of the qualifications of the expert, you don’t know anything about their operation, but mostly, you’re not sure if you’ll like her.
Let’s give you some clues to look for when you have that first meeting. OG & I have visited plenty of financial advisory offices and can give you an insider’s look.

Here’s a summary:

  • There should be a welcoming, warm receptionist
  • You should be offered a beverage or a snack
  • The reception area should be soothing and calm; no blaring TVs
  •  I want an advisor who has pride in their operation and gives top customer service without being over-the-top.

Good advice.
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