Financial Planning

Our Planning Services include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Investment Advice

We know that financial planning can be a little overwhelming.

That’s why we offer it as a stand-alone service or as a complement to our asset management services. But whichever you choose, our process stays the same, so you know exactly what to expect.

Financial planning is offered as a stand-alone service or as a complement to our asset management services. Whichever way you prefer, our process is the same.

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Here’s how it works:

Discovery Meeting

We get to know you as an individual and as an investor. We’ll take a look at your current financial situation, your financial goals, and your concerns and expectations. By the end, you will have a quote for our services and a clear picture of what it will look like to work with us.

Enter Your Data

After our discovery meeting we will email you a personalized link to input your data into our planning software at your leisure. When you’ve completed this step, you will click a link to alert us and we will review the data to make sure it’s complete.

Create Your Plan

After we have a full look at your current data and your goals, we begin putting together your personalized financial plan. Once the data is complete, this usually takes about a week.

Review Your Strategy

Once we’ve finalized our recommendations, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting with you to review the plan and answer any questions you have. You’ll have a paper copy to take home as well as access to our planning software that let’s you simulate different variables as time goes on.

Stay In Touch

While you are always able to get in touch with us, we recommend that we do a review every 2-3 years or whenever a major life event occurs (new birth, death, job changes, retirement, etc.) We will help make sure you stay on track and achieve your financial goals!

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