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Why Advisors Leave the Major Firms to Become Independent

As a general rule, most Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) start out working for a major brokerage firm (commonly referred to as “wirehouses”) before ...
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6 Things to Consider When Creating Retirement Plans

From Financial Planning magazine: As 75 million Baby Boomers stand at the edge of retirement, most will have to look beyond government programs ...
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A look at 5 unusual ways to boost income in retirement

In the Retirement Planning section of the Wall Street Journal we found some "different" ideas about generating retirement income.  Frankly, some of these, like the wood lot, probably ...
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Where do you get advice on your 401(k)?

In the corporate world, the "defined benefit" pension plan is dying.  This is the old pension plan that promised you a specific dollar ...
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Role of the Advisor during the investor's life journey

If we view retirement planning as part of a three stage cycle it helps define the role of the financial advisor at each stage of ...
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Why dividends matter

A company that is successfully generating free cash flow can do several things with it: Invest internally (research & development) or externally (mergers & acquisitions), ...
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Is your college fund investment mix making the grade?

With college costs climbing faster than the general rate of inflation, many parents feel the pressure of saving for their children’s education.  Many ...
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Things a Financial Plan Should Tell You – and Things It Won't

A financial plan is like a road map.   A map will tell you where you are, where you want to go, and the route ...
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Where do you plan to retire?

I began looking at a list of "worst states to retire in" at and it struck me then how badly people are ...
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Worst College Majors for Your Career

If you are in college, going to college or plan to pay for your children to go to college this article in Kiplinger's ...
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Five key benefits of independent Registered Investment Advisors

More education from Charles Schwab on RIAs. 1) Get advice based on what’s best for you. Whether it’s your retirement planning, tax situation, ...
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Smart Ways to Manage a Windfall

Whether you have received an inheritance or won the lottery, before you splurge, take time to consider all the financial angles and come ...
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How to Consolidate Your Investment Accounts

Keeping tabs on multiple investment accounts can be a hassle. Moving all of your assets to one firm "seems like an easy process, but ...
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