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Reducing Retirement Stress

Giving up your job to live on your savings causes stress. Of course a lot of people look forward to retirement when the ...
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A Deposit In A Bank Is Not A Riskless Form Of Saving

This is a good time to remind our readers of something.    Via ZeroHedge Cyprus has reminded us of a couple of awkward truths: ...
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What is an ETF?

Exchange Traded Funds, otherwise known as ETFs, are essentially index mutual funds that trade like stocks.  ETFs’ popularity is growing in part because some ...
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Passive investing vs. Active Investing

Comment from Oppenheimer Funds.  Indexing clusters investment assets in securities which represent past success, are widely owned, and often fully valued.  Investing is ...
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401(k) Savers Tax Credit- Reward for Employees

Here's an interesting idea for low and moderate income taxpayers.  Apparently you can get a tax credit for contributing to a 401(k) ...
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Working with Widows

Advisors who work with widows know that there is often a great deal of confusion after a spouse dies.  Widows are often told ...
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What to Do If You Win the Lottery

Let's face it, just because you have a better chance of being struck by lightning several times in a row than winning the ...
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Funding college for grandchildren

The most popular tax advantaged plans to pay for college education ar called "529 Plans."  They allow people to put money into tax sheltered accounts ...
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7 retirement planning myths debunked

If you ever plan to retire, you have to have a plan.  The days of depending on an employer pension and government benefits ...
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Open a Roth IRA for Minors

Consider this example: If a child invests $2,000 in a Roth IRA each year from ages 13 to 17, that $10,000 could increase ...
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You're never too young to start thinking about retirement.

For most 20-somethings, the idea of retirement isn't front and center. It isn't even a glimmer.  But it ought to be.  This is especially true ...
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Women and disability risks

One of the biggest financial risks that people face is the risk of becoming disabled and not being able work for a considerable time.  The Social Security Administration estimates ...
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Tools for getting out of debt

Getting out of debt is easy, stop spending and pay off your bills.  The overweight person gets very similar advice: eat less and exercise.  They ...
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Tips for snowbirds

"Snowbirds" are those retired couples who live in more than one state.  Usually they live in northern climates in the summer and move to warmer places like Florida or ...
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What is an asset class?

Financial professionals constantly talk about asset classes, but what does that mean?  In the broadest sense, asset classes refer to a group of securities that ...
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