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When to Start Collecting Social Security Benefits

You have three main options: Start collecting early Start collecting at full retirement age Start collecting after full retirement age “Full Retirement Age” ...
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Women Aren’t Planning for Retirement Early Enough

Everybody knows that women outlive their male counterparts, on average by 6 to 8 years. They are often caregivers to their ailing spouses ...
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Do You and Your Spouse Bicker About Money?

I recently read an advice column about a couple who frequently bickered about money. The husband and wife disagreed about whether to pay off ...
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Becoming Rich Is Not the Same Thing as Staying Rich

What does the term “rich” mean to you?  Many of us are blessed with a great family, friends, good health and a lot ...
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Fearing Retirement Failure?

Retirement planning is complicated.  It may not be rocket science, but there are a lot of variables that can affect how you are ...
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Don’t “Guess” Your Way to Retirement

Participants in a recent study answered that they arrived at the appropriate amount they’d need to fund their retirement by guessing. Retirement is ...
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The Real Value of Financial Advice

Most investors who retain an elite financial advisor would agree that the value far exceeds the cost. They simply do not have the ...
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The Most Appropriate Investing Style for You

“Be fearful when others are greedy; be greedy when others are fearful.” The above quote is attributed to “The Oracle of Omaha,” Warren ...
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Universal Rules for Retirement

We have written a lot about retirement because it’s critically important for so many people. We have years of experience getting people prepared ...
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How Much Do I Need to Save Every Month to Retire a Millionaire?

In theory, $1,000,000 saved for retirement should allow you a pretty decent lifestyle during your golden years.  Getting there is not nearly as ...
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8 Tips for a Better Retirement

1. Think about what you’ll do after retiring. Today’s average age of retirement is 62. Remaining life expectancy at age 62 is over ...
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8 Steps to Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

1. Hire an advisor who is a fiduciary.  By definition, a fiduciary is always ethically bound to act in your best interest.  This ...
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Why Does The Average Investor Lose So Badly?

The average investor significantly underperformed the market in 2018. Bad decisions caused the average U.S. investor to lose roughly twice as much as ...
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Warren Buffet and The Circle of Competence

Warren Buffett is known as “The Oracle of Omaha” and for being the third richest man in America because he knows his circle ...
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The Similarities Between Health and Wealth

Physicians have attributed poor health to diet since at least the times of Hippocrates and Galen. The authors of a comprehensive study published ...
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