Best and worst states to do business

Via Chief Executive (H/T First Trust) ninth annual report:

Chief Executive‘s ninth annual report on the best and worst states in which to do business was recently released for 2013 and Texas was ranked #1 for the ninth time, according to The survey garnered feedback from 736 CEOs  –  the highest response on record. Some of the more critical issues measured by the study are taxation, regulation, quality of workforce and living environment. Nine states have no income tax and two (Oklahoma and Kansas) have lowered theirs. Many states, such as Louisiana, are making big strides in creating more favorable business climates. Louisiana’s ranking has jumped from 47th in 2006 to 11th in 2013. Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state. California grabbed the 50th slot (worst state) for the ninth time. The top five are as follows (no change from 2012): Texas; Florida; North Carolina; Tennessee; and Indiana. The bottom five are as follows: Michigan; Massachusetts; Illinois; New York; and California.

Our state of Virginia came in at #7.


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