Avoiding the sales imperative

Have you ever gone to an “investment seminar” that was really a sales pitch for a product? If you live in an area that draws retirees, you can dine out almost any day by going to lunch or dinner seminars hosted by insurance salesmen or stock brokers.

Listening to a financial salesperson is perfectly appropriate, but most of the time people put the cart before the horse. The first step to achieving your financial goals is to determine what those goals are. They are not the same for everyone. One person may believe that he who dies with the most toys wins. Another may want to live the rest of his life in contemplation, to write or to practice spirituality.

One of my clients received a life-changing financial gift and now wants to share her bounty with her church and to provide scholarships to students because she recalls how difficult it was for her to finish college.

My role, the role of a true financial advisor, is to help her achieve her goals in the best, most efficient way possible.

The role of a financial advisor is primarily to help his clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. In this role he may manage his client’s assets, he may provide tax guidance, he may provide estate planning, and counsel his clients on charitable giving. But note that the focus is on the client, not the sale of the annuity, life insurance policy or the mutual fund. The goals of the client are first, last and always the objective.


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