Asset Management

We tailor your investment strategies depending on your unique situation, needs, and goals.

Here’s how our process works:

  • We get to know you both as an individual and as an investor.
  • We work with you to voice your big-picture financial goals and objectives.
  • We customize a strategy specifically for you. But we won’t just go through with these strategies without first making sure you fully understand our approach. We’ll discuss with you how the strategy will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Now that we’ve developed our strategy, we’ll put the pieces in motion. While we are constantly monitoring your investments, we also hold regular meetings with you so that you can feel empowered knowing that your investments aligned with your goals, despite the changing market conditions and your evolving personal needs.

Client Centered

Our investment approach is centered around you.

Every individual has his or her own specific financial needs, goals and objectives. Using all the tools at our disposal, we create an investment strategy designed to give each client the greatest chance of achieving their definition of success.

Risk Control

“The first rule of investing is don’t lose money. The second rule is don’t forget rule number one.”
– Warren Buffett
The best way to preserve and grow wealth is to avoid major losses. While we don’t guarantee that our portfolios won’t have periods where they are down, we do spend a lot of time designing them so that when the markets dip, the portfolios won’t be down as much. Our investment philosophy is based on preserving your wealth while identifying investment opportunities that possess attractive return potential.

You worked hard for your money. You want the money to grow and want a fair rate of return. Our objective is to create a portfolio that meets your personal needs, goals and financial objectives under all market conditions. Keeping Warren Buffett’s rules in mind, an intense focus on risk control is at the very foundation of the way we manage your investments.

Investment Style

We are a dynamic manager and adjust our asset allocation, risk profile and manager selection as market conditions change. 

Client portfolios are typically broadly diversified among many different asset classes and undergo a diligent manager selection process.  We primarily create portfolios of thoughtfully selected no-load or load-waived mutual funds, paying careful attention to cost control.

Our manager selection process uses both top down and bottom up analysis. This creates a portfolio of our very best ideas. Our portfolios are not static, and over time we monitor and adjust both the asset allocations and the individual holdings as we anticipate and respond to the markets and economic conditions.

Many of our clients also seek protection from high tax rates.  We monitor realized gains and losses in their portfolios throughout the year to minimize unnecessary tax burden.

Start taking control of your financial future.

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If you’d like to schedule a consultation or ask additional questions, please call (757)638-5490

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